PSC Global are fully capable of providing our distinct services to the Defence Sector, including unique supply chain management solutions, kitting and assembly services, and custom gasket manufacturing.

With a track record of having worked with multiple customers from the Defence Sector, our ability to meet your specific requirements is unparalleled.
Our Gasket Manufacture Service is particularly suited to this Sector. Our experts’ fully-encompassed knowledge of the applicable gasket technology, coupled with our flexible manufacturing facility, means we can offer specialised gaskets suited to your needs, including FRI gaskets and seals.
Our more general Supply Chain Management Service is an additional service that can bring value to any sector, including that of Defence. Using one of our supply chain solution models (Kanban, EFO, DLF), we can work with you to improve collaboration across your supply chain. This creates benefits such as reduction of the cost effects associated with inventory management and business continuity.
If you find yourself in need of gasket manufacturing, or perhaps one of our other services, contact us today.

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