Blog: PSC Global has solutions for supply chain issues in the bag

Consider the humble plastic bag. Though environmental concerns are steering us away from their use, they continue to be employed in multiple packaging and kitting scenarios and are crucial to keep a supply chain moving smoothly. 

Now, imagine the consequences of a failure in supply. Inability to obtain a simple bag that costs pennies affects service level agreements with the customer by delaying order fulfilment and increases costs. We are prevented from delivering products worth hundreds of thousands of pounds because we lack plastic bags.

We are passionate about supporting all our stakeholders, internal and external. The consequences of forcing the customer to source bags from an alternative supplier would have been detrimental to our relationship and to the future of the PSC Global team involved in the bagging process. Having failed to reach an acceptable solution with our supplier, we devised our own strategy. We relied on our flexibility and proactively developed an in-house process to satisfy the customer and occupy employees who, in the absence of the outstanding bags, would have been left without a role. 

The answer? We used our resources to create pre-printed labels on our printing machine and then manually heat sealed them onto clear plastic bags we had brought in. The process meant the customer was satisfied and, though more labour intensive, we successfully devised a back up plan to mitigate against future disruption. Having recently expanded our services to include cardboard box manufacture, PSC Global again imaginatively resolved an unwelcome delay and produced its own packaging. One more example of our evolving capabilities. 

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