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Pillar Seals and Gaskets (PSG) rebrands

Added - 01.03.22

Pillar Seals and Gaskets, also known as PSG, has rebranded to become PSC Global. Pillar Seals and Gaskets (PSG) was formed in Worthing in 1963, supplying o-rings and sealing products to general engineering customers in Sussex and the south coast of the UK. Since then, we have grown and...

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PSC Global’s Supply Chain Management expertise delivers despite crisis

Global news headlines have screamed ‘chaos’, ‘disruption’ and ‘bottlenecks’ in the same breath as any mention of supply chains for many months. Diverse industries from car manufacturers and house builders to fast food outlets and pubs have suffered empty shelves,...


The UK’s going back to work? Why some of us never left

Since the government lifted Covid restrictions in July, the country’s workers have gradually been leaving their homes to carry out again in person the jobs they’d been doing remotely. Much debate has surrounded employers’ ‘back-to-work roadmaps’ and people’s...

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