Outsourced Warehousing

What is outsourced warehousing and distribution?
Outsourced or third-party warehousing and distribution describe a company’s use of specialist external storage facilities and inventory management expertise rather than building or expanding capacity and coordinating goods through the entire supply chain in-house.

What is 3PL?
3PL is shorthand for third party logistics, managing the movement and storage of your business’ goods and orders by delegating to a skilled partner. Whereas outsourced warehousing centres on the short-term storage of customers’ items, particularly in large volume, 3PL involves outsourcing all aspects of warehouse management: receipt, stock control and despatch to your customers. PSC Global can scale and customise services to meet your specific needs, whether a single demand or multiple requirements, across various aspects of your supply chain to improve operational, financial and customer fulfilment performance.

Why PSC Global?

Whether temporarily or long-term, most businesses will encounter spikes in their storage needs: seasonal fluctuations, global supply chain issues and competitor activity can all drastically affect space requirements. Share the capacity and knowledge PSC Global’s developed over 15 years and enhance your supply chain operations. It doesn’t take much thinking outside the box, however big, to appreciate the capital, resource and time costs involved in warehouse management, especially when your key aptitudes and areas of focus lie elsewhere.

Reduce your carbon footprint


PSC Global plays an integral role in our customers’ strategies and, with the race towards net-zero carbon emissions high on the agenda, our warehousing, logistics and distribution services will support your green ambitions. We’ll help you achieve your supply chain sustainability goals. Warehouses can produce significant environmental pollution depending on the heating, cooling, lighting and even packaging they use. Through joining with us and sharing our facilities rather than running separate storage accommodation you’ll improve your carbon footprint.

Swifter, Sleeker, Smarter operations.


The grass is greener with outsourced warehousing. You’ll reduce:

  • Capital expenditure on premises and equipment whose use will fluctuate and rarely be fully exploited

  • Outlay on energy, water and waste management and by taking advantage of the economies of scale PSC Global will make available 

  • HR costs involved in recruiting, training and remunerating skilled labour

  • Time wastage through accessing streamlined processes, leaving you free to focus on core competencies and maximise results

  • Your negative environmental impact by decreasing travel and utilising efficient, specialist third-party storage capabilities

  • Delays, complexity and customer dissatisfaction

Bespoke, flexible support


What is a warehouse? Simply put, any structure whose purpose is to receive incoming inventory and store it securely in appropriate conditions until it’s shipped elsewhere. 

Though modest in concept, suitable premises and equipment demand significant capital investment, not to mention the costs involved in employing and training the right people to operate the facility efficiently. Having experienced substantial expense, the pressure to optimise warehousing efficiency is enormous. Alleviate some of the burden by using PSC Global’s capacity, employees and skill and be equipped to adapt quickly to changes in strategic business direction.

Health and safety


Managing a warehouse involves many considerations: especially onerous are those connected with understanding and fulfilling all health and safety requirements. Some warehouse operations demand mandatory, specialist training and certification of employees which are rigorously enforced.

Both as employers and operators of premises, organisations have a legally enforceable duty of care towards staff and third parties. The environment, the equipment and all the processes carried out must be assessed and deemed safe. PSC Global is ISO 9001 certified, proud to have been recognised by the International Organisation for Standardisation as achieving their rigorous quality systems and organisation standards. We’re also ISO 45001 certified (Health & Safety Management).

Multiple locations: our four sites support PSC Global’s foresight


Business continuity and efficient supply chain management are always top of our agenda. Internal and external interruption events threaten operations and risk creating financial and logistical complications. In mitigation, PSC Global offers clients the security of premises in the UK and the Czech Republic.

Our Head Office and primary premises is a 22,000 square foot leased site in Worthing, south east England. Most of our business and employees operate here. We established a second 5,000 square foot location nearby to reinforce our supply chain management operations. A strong team of 36 across the two sites has over 100 years’ SCM experience.

Since 2010 PSC Global’s customers have enjoyed the confidence that comes with access to two further premises in Prostejov, Czech Republic. These bolster PSC Global’s extensive European and global supply chain network and export capabilities. With a 12,000 square foot main site and a separate 3,000 square foot satellite location, scalable, flexible capacity is achievable.

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