Assembly and Kitting

What are assembly, sub-assembly and kitting?
Assembly, sub-assembly and kitting are similar manufacturing processes with comparable benefits including efficiency, consistency, quality and cost savings. They are widely used in various industries for the advantages they bring to successful supply chain management solutions. PSC Global’s dedicated assembly areas in our UK and Czech locations mean we can offer standard operating procedures and scalable services customised precisely to our customers’ needs. Though alike, there are slight differences in assembly, sub-assembly and kitting methods.

What’s in it for you?

Enhanced cost effectiveness.
Greater efficiency.
Better customer satisfaction.
Improved collaboration.
Fewer and shorter delays and reduced errors.
Raised output.
Business continuity.
Less complexity.

Assembly and sub-assembly


Assembly and sub-assembly are common procedures in manufacturing which involve combining two or more separate components. The items are brought together to form a complete unit and packaged as a single end product. Assemblies can be simple or complex and the combined parts that result will often themselves be fitted into a larger assembly or collection of components. They are then called sub-assemblies.



So, what is kitting? In simple terms, kitting is ‘product bundling’, a service that combines multiple distinct but related parts into ready-to-ship packages (kits) for transfer to an end user or assembler. Kits range from the basic to the complicated but, unlike assemblies, the individual items in kits often remain separate until compiled by the end consumer. Kitting is an effective method that enables customers to optimise selling and cross-selling opportunities. Flexibly combining various products into different kits or sets increases your inventory without incurring additional storage costs.

ISO 9001 certification


We’re ISO 9001 certified which means we’ve been recognised by the International Organisation for Standardisation and credited with achieving their rigorous quality systems and organisation standards. The accolade demonstrates the operational expertise that equips us to simplify, accelerate and maximise processes. Our partnership will satisfy any of your customers who demand this stringent industry standard and free you up to concentrate on your principal capabilities and revenue generation.

Procurement and fulfilment


Whether free-issue or purchased items, PSC Global’s established networks and proven, ISO 9001-standard, operating practices mean sourcing material and fulfilling and replenishing orders is a streamlined and reliable process. Improved lead times, reduced risk of missing parts and a better customer experience result. Far from being ‘same old, same old’, your products will constantly be the ‘same new’ formations you require.

Assembly and kitting


We’re supply chain management experts so you’ll enjoy complete confidence your products and kits will be of identical, exceptional quality time after time, on time, and in the quantities you need. We can tailor our sub-assembly, assembly and kitting services to provide a complete turnkey solution to integrate into your existing manufacturing processes, adding fluency and competence to your supply chain and reinforcing its security.

Cleaning, pressure testing, inspecting


PSC Global’s meticulous cleaning, appraisal and QA systems safeguard your products’ performance and offer complete protection against corruption and contamination where demanded. We will agree a process with you that’s tailored specifically to your requirements. 



We’ll support your business by sharing our facilities so you can expand your product offering without sustaining extra storage expense. Through imaginative, alternative product combinations, deals and promotional offers your customer propositions will grow without a corresponding increase in costly overheads. With sites in the UK and the Czech Republic, including 3,500 square feet of dedicated kitting space in our Prostejov location, you’ll enjoy flexibility and business continuity protection against interruption events.



Let us create distinctive packaging specifically for you; we’ll offer design concepts for a packet, box or casing appropriate for and as unique as the product inside. With consistent, quality packaging, awareness of your brand will deepen, generating lasting impact. We are also equipped to provide specialist packaging for items manufactured in a clean room environment. 

Sustainability is as important to us as it is to our customers. We use returnable pallets between our UK and Czech Republic sites and customer orders are packaged in wood that’s from sustainable sources or, if possible, in cardboard boxes. We’re currently trialling biodegradable bags. Exceptional, environmentally aware, bespoke: with PSC Global your packaging needs are in the bag.



Flexibility, preparation, responsiveness. Supported by PSC Global’s kitting and assembly services, your supply chain will be reinforced making order fulfilment smoother and less open to error or omission. Efficient distribution increases the chance you’ll stand out from the competition. Together we can exploit economies of scale and reach the widest customer base quicker and smarter, sharpening your competitive advantage and enriching customer experience and brand loyalty.



  • Enhanced cost effectiveness. Inventory control, warehousing needs, resource allocation, cash flow, labour, distribution, economies of scale, working capital… 

  • Greater efficiency. Your business will enjoy streamlined processes and be able to modify product offerings quickly to satisfy ever-evolving markets and fluctuating industry trends

  • Better customer satisfaction. Creating bespoke products and kits and improving your systems’ resilience will satisfy customers’ demands and protect your reputation. Earn brand loyalty and attract new custom with an OTD ratio of 97% 

  • Improved collaboration. Work with us and we’ll share your business goals. Clear, open communication and cooperation will ensure everyone’s aware of and passionate about making your ambitions become reality

  • Fewer and shorter delays and reduced errors. With PSC Global you can eliminate unnecessary complexity from your business, leaving you free to focus on core competencies and maximise results. Our stringent controls and precise serial traceability functions mean real-time product visibility

  • Raised output. Backed by our capacity and cleaning, testing and QA standards, you can boost your productivity and mitigate the risk of returns. Increased storage, agile kit management and efficient distribution will optimise production

  • Business continuity. We can offer comparable, dedicated assembly areas with transferrable technology in our UK and Czech sites to support your business’ continuity despite interruption events 

  • Less complexity. PSC Global will manage all components in your Bill of Materials (BOM) leaving you with fewer parts to organise and improving internal operational coherence

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