PSC Global are Expanding our UK Operations

Here at PSC Global, we are very pleased to announce that we have been expanding our UK operations. This expansion included a significant increase in our available floor space by 5000 square foot, making a huge difference to our capabilities and potential output. As an ever-growing business, we are more than excited to see the impact this will have on our operations.

The services that will be impacted by this expansion include our kitting and assembly services, along with our supply chain management solutions. Our custom gasket manufacturing service will also be positively affected by this change, through increased efficiencies. This is a fantastic step in adding even more value to our current offerings to a wide range of clients, whether they be a part of the Automotive, Defence, Medical or Oil and Gas Sector, to name a few.
PSC Global work with some of the best, award winning blue-chip organisations to provide innovative supply chain solutions, as well as the manufacturing of gaskets to meet all their sealing needs. Why not contact us today, and see how we can add value to your business?

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