Supply Chain Services

Why reinvent the wheel or even rack your brains trying to find a chain’s missing link? PSC Global’s been developing innovative, bespoke supply chain solutions so our partners can fulfil their customers’ expectations for 30 years. We’re ISO 9001 certified. This means we’ve been recognised by the International Organisation for Standardisation and credited with achieving their rigorous quality systems and organisation standards. The accolade demonstrates our operational expertise and will satisfy any customers who demand this stringent industry standard.


Let us share what we’re good at so you can focus on your core competencies and optimise revenue-generating activities. We’ll simplify and speed up processes, reduce costs and unlock new possibilities for your business.

Supply chain procurement


Secure the right materials and resources from suppliers at the best price and quality when you need them



Group together separate but related items into single units or kits and increase inventory options, cross-selling opportunities and promotional offerings



Simple or complex, we’ll assemble your products using the same operating, testing and QA measures every time for consistent quality and traceability



Decentralised fulfilment and warehousing services help you build scalable capacity long term. Achieve faster fulfilment, space flexibility and reduced labour and premises costs

Inventory management


Our proactive systems will help you know precisely when to order, how much and your storage requirements 

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