Gasket manufacturing

Although standard gaskets are widely available in the market, a bespoke gasket manufactured exactly to your specification will give you the precision, quality and reliability you need, when you need it. PSC Global has collaborated with clients in diverse industries for many years, providing them with an efficient service underpinned by the right machinery, flexible facilities and detailed knowledge of each sector, application and material.

Gasket reliability

While generic, off-the-shelf gaskets function faultlessly in most situations, a PSC Global product developed to fulfil your exact needs can help you mitigate the risks of imperfect sealing and potentially severe consequences, especially in safety-critical environments. We’ll create a gasket strictly according to your design’s requirements. Our stringent Quality Assurance measures including operator self-inspection systems mean you can have complete confidence in the consistency of our products.

Cost implications


A gasket solution tailored precisely to your needs makes complete financial sense over time, especially since you’ll significantly reduce the risk of sealing failures. Once PSC Global has manufactured a gasket exactly as you’ve specified, subsequent adjustments and revisions are unlikely. When you’re pleased with the design and the gasket it’s produced, we have the capacity to scale up the supply to smooth your supply chain operations, again saving you money. And adding value.

Supply chain support


We are experts in supply chain management and appreciate the repercussions delays can have for your business and its profitability. PSC Global’s spacious, adaptable premises mean we can offer you impressively short lead times and deliver faultless gaskets every order. We'll help you keep your customers as satisfied as you’ll be with our service.

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