PSC Global have the capabilities to supply various supply chain management solutions, as well as kitting and assembly services, and the manufacture of gaskets, within the Medical Sector.

We have a distinct history of supplying businesses in the Medical Sector with a range of our services. As our knowledge surrounding your unique needs in this sector has increased, our ability to provide a superior service has followed suit.
PSC Global's Assembly Services are particularly suited to the Medical Sector; we work closely with you to create medical packaging designs that meet your requirements, including anti-static packaging and more. Additionally, our complete turn-key solutions mean we can tailor all manner of assembly manufacturing services to suit your business’ unique needs.
We understand the importance of cleanliness within your sector, which is why we are proud to be able to supply components that always meet and exceed these expectations. Our Gasket Manufacture Service is designed to build components to your specifications, and with ultrasonic cleaning capabilities, you can rest assured we will comply with these needs, whatever the component needed may be.
If you find yourself in need of distinct Assembly, Gasket Manufacturing, or even general Supply Chain Solutions, browse our services, or contact us today.

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