Blog: PSC Global adds in-house packaging manufacturing to growing capabilities

PSC Global’s been at the forefront of designing flexible, innovative supply chain solutions which fulfill customers’ expectations for 30+ years. Our ISO 9001 certification is proof the rigorous quality and service level agreements we’ve established work seamlessly, freeing customers to focus on their areas of expertise.

At the beginning of 2022, we experienced issues affecting supply of bespoke cardboard boxes from our sole supplier. We failed to gain precise information to share with a major customer whose Just In Time service was delayed, causing our costs to increase since parts sat idle and storage space was unnecessarily blocked. What’s more, the control we ordinarily enjoy was taken away causing the valuable relationship we’ve nurtured with our client to be negatively influenced and generating anxiety in-house.

We had to act decisively and a recent commitment to extend PSC’s scope enabled this. Because our growth mentality has driven significant investment in cutting-edge machinery to boost our capacity and innovation, we were equipped to take bespoke box and Stratocell foam insert production and printing services in house to fulfill customers’ demands and satisfy internal employees’ job expectations. Our £150K investment into two new receding head presses, the RB40 and RB100, from market-leading Global Cutting Technologies, was the answer. 

These high pressure machines increased capacity by 20% and are quick, safe and easy to operate which reduces time, throughput and costs. Our forward-thinking, ambitious strategy has resolved an unacceptable supply chain blockage, eliminated stress for us and our customers and achieved welcome savings. The new packaging capability has generated a new packaging service we will be happy to discuss with other interested parties. Get in touch with us at [email protected] if you would like more information. Let our packaging expertise optimise your revenue-generating abilities.

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