1963 Pillar Seals and Gaskets was formed in Worthing, supplying o-rings and sealing products to general engineering customers in Sussex and the south coast of the UK.


2003 PSG celebrated its 40th anniversary.  The business had grown to include gasket manufacturing and supply chain management to its customers.


2010 saw PSG set up in the Czech Republic to support major customers' globalisation strategies.  This development in PSG’s capability gave us the chance to embrace business opportunities in Eastern and Central Europe.


2013 PSG UK expanded into its current 22,000 sq.ft. (2,200 sq.mtr.) facility in Worthing UK.  The expansion gave us the opportunity to create a lean factory and extend our kitting and assembly offerings to our customers.


As our kitting and assembly capability expanded, PSG CR similarly relocated to a new 1,200 sq. mtr. (12,000 sq.ft.) Facility in Prostejov to allow the business to further grow.


World events were, of course, dominated by Covid-19 and it’s easy to forget important incidents did occur that were unconnected with the pandemic. Bushfires continued to devastate Australia while Megan Markle and Prince Harry announced their intention to step back from royal duties. And, surely no one can forget 31st January saw Brexit ‘get done’? Growing demand for PSG’s kitting and assembly facilities and Third Party Logistics capacity made more space essential. We expanded into a secondary 5,000 square feet (500 square metre) unit in Worthing to increase efficiency and augment our service offerings. 


Global focus understandably remained on Covid and the search for effective vaccines. Just two weeks after the US Capitol was stormed by angry Donald Trump supporters, Joe Biden was sworn in as the country’s 46th President. November’s COP 26 conference and the Ever Given’s six-day obstruction of the Suez Canal brought climate change and global supply chain difficulties to the fore. The relevance of our logistics expertise had never been clearer. 

Our capabilities and ambitious vision increasingly aligned with an international mindset and growth appetite. While the name PSG highlights our beginnings and the rich partnerships we’ve nurtured since then, we knew we needed a change. Our name should better reflect our evolving skills, our desire to expand and thrive and our international perspective. We needed a title that plainly summed up who we are and what we stand for. 


PSG becomes PSC Global.

PSC Global retains some of our rich heritage, but also represents our international reach and expertise. We remain a forward thinking, specialist manufacturer that delivers value through our supply chain solutions. 

We are still the same passionate company and team priding ourselves on our collaborative approach and our customer-focused mentality. We just have a new look. 

Our new name supports our ambitious growth plans and better reflects both our services and capabilities. We also have a new vision to drive our future success together and a new set of values to encapsulate our ambition to become the European market leader for gasket manufacturing, kitting and supply chain management logistics. 

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